6 Times To Ask For A Fresh Land Survey

6 Times To Ask For A Fresh Land Survey

6 Times To Ask For A Fresh Land Survey

30 January 2023
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Land surveying services can help you make sense of a range of practical and legal issues involving properties. You probably don't want to follow an endless cycle of land surveying, but there are times when you need to ask a professional to take some measurements. In these six scenarios, it's wise to schedule a survey.

Building Construction or Expansion 

Whether you're doing the work in a residential or commercial setting, construction and expansion are good reasons to survey a location. Even being off by a couple of inches can create gigantic problems. For example, you might need to bring gas lines from the main supply to a building. Ideally, everything lines up nicely so you don't have to dig trenches and lay pipes at weird angles. If you haven't surveyed the property, the risk of a misalignment goes up significantly.

Changing the Property Lines

Subdividing properties or transferring portions of them will significantly change the boundaries. These should go into your county's registry when you finalize the details. However, land surveying is critical to getting the details right. A surveyor can take the existing data for the property, make some measurements, and provide the new data for the changed boundaries.

Buying or Selling Land

Whenever anyone buys or sells a property, they need to know exactly what the deal will involve. For example, you don't want to buy a place and end up in a dispute with a new neighbor because you thought the property line was somewhere else. Land surveying allows you to get precise measurements and avoid potential encroachments.


Many financial institutions want survey data to ensure there won't be any problems with a property before they'll offer a mortgage. Even small differences can significantly change the value of the property. This is especially true if the differences affect your property rights, such as access to water or ownership of timber.

Property Improvements

From simple work like grading to major changes like putting in a pool, all improvements require good measurements. Aesthetically, land surveying will prevent the property from looking funky. Likewise, measurements are critical if you need to calculate the slope of the terrain to promote drainage or create a pond.

Environmental Changes

Waterways change course, and so do coastlines. Similarly, hills can grow or shrink. The changes don't have to be dramatic to throw off your measurements the next time you do something on the property. If changes are visible, it's wise to ask a land surveying services provider to measure them.

Contact land surveying services to learn more. 

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