Why A Consultant Should Examine Hiring Assessments

Why A Consultant Should Examine Hiring Assessments

Why A Consultant Should Examine Hiring Assessments

3 October 2022
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Talent acquisition assessments are critical to placing the correct people in specific jobs. However, the process has numerous possible pitfalls. Many firms hire consultants to examine or even conduct their hiring assessments. Let's explore why companies do this and how yours might benefit.

Statistical and Scientific Validity

It is one thing to perform assessments, but it's another to conduct ones that are statistically and scientifically valid. You need to do more than ask the potential hires a bunch of questions. Even if you operate in an industry where the problems are well-defined, you need to take a statistically-grounded approach to hiring.

A consultant can review a company's methods and see if they withstand statistical and scientific rigor. They can compare best practices against a firm's approach to identify potential blind spots or old techniques. Using a more statistically-driven approach, you can feel more confident in what the hiring assessments might reveal.


Many organizations can develop biases in their hiring practices. These can be compounded if there are personal or professional relationships between potential hires and the folks conducting the hiring process. Ideally, you want your talent acquisition assessments to be as independent as possible. This can be challenging in industries that have small professional worlds. A consultant can bring independence to the process, ensuring that your team members' biases don't filter into the company's practices.

Legal Exposure

How you conduct hiring assessments always risks creating legal exposure. You don't want to use techniques that could be biased against individuals from protected groups, for example. If you're able to document the use of a consultant and industry-standard assessment techniques, it can reduce your firm's exposure to claims of wrongdoing or bias in the hiring process.


Especially in industries that have become strongly typed toward certain groups, talent acquisition can struggle to identify a diverse enough group of candidates. This often makes the talent pool less capable because a handful of companies may be drawing from the same candidates. A consultant can help you look further and wider for candidates, improving the odds you'll unearth talent that others are overlooking.


Finally, it's important to integrate the above into a repeatable process. A consultant can help you determine, for example, how many interviews are necessary and which hiring assessments to conduct. Standardizing and integrating the process can make it easier to acquire the same level of talent over many hiring cycles.

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