4 Signs a Company Needs HR Consulting Help

4 Signs a Company Needs HR Consulting Help

4 Signs a Company Needs HR Consulting Help

16 May 2022
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Handling human resources needs can be a challenge even within the best-run organizations. If you're worried about these issues, you may want to connect with an HR consulting firm to consider ways to adjust your approach. Should you make this move? If you're seeing any of these four problems, the answer is probably yes.

Business Expansion

Growing a business frequently leads to HR issues. Not only do you have to source new employees, but you'll likely also have to promote some folks from within to new positions. This means defining roles and integrating new people. Any company with notable expansion plans may want to talk with several HR consultants to try to smooth out the growth process.

Internal Complaints

The HR department is often the go-to place for complaints about the company for fellow employees. Some internal complaints are normal. However, a major uptick in complaints might connect to a bigger problem.

An HR consulting team can help you study the data from the complaints to determine if there's a pattern. If there is a pattern, they can then advise you about how to respond to complaints, deal with responsible parties, and set new policies.


Some industries see heavy employee turnover, but it's never a good thing. Even if turnover is normal and manageable, retention should always be an HR goal. If you're seeing an uptick in turnover, it may be a sign of disaffection within the ranks. Especially in competitive job markets, employees may skip the complaint process and just use their feet to solve the problem.

HR consultants can help you to develop an exit interview process so you can collect data. Likewise, they may be able to help you devise a retention system so you can intervene before good employees leave.

No or Few Candidates for Openings

Intake is just as important as retention. This can be particularly painful from an HR perspective, though, if a company is struggling to find candidates. Your organization may need to think about how it searches for talent.

The HR team might be able to find ways to source talent through internal parties. For example, you might offer bonuses to folks who bring on new hires by recommending them to the company. Similarly, they can look at incentive structures that new hires may find more appealing. Also, you may need to look at benefits, scheduling methods, alternative arrangements like work-from-home, and other innovative ways to expand the talent pool.

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