Two Reasons To Incorporate The DISC Personality Profile Test Into Your Hiring Process

Two Reasons To Incorporate The DISC Personality Profile Test Into Your Hiring Process

Two Reasons To Incorporate The DISC Personality Profile Test Into Your Hiring Process

29 September 2021
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Finding the right people to work for your company is no easy feat. It's one thing to locate candidates who have a good work history and who interview well. However, it's a totally different matter to come across potential employees who are seeking fulfilling positions they can be engaged in for a very long time. You might be a bit dissatisfied with your current recruiting process and are in search of a better way. Find out how the Dominance, Influence, Stability, and Conscientiousness (DISC) personality profile test can make a difference.

Learn About Their Reaction Style With The DISC Personality Profile Test

The way a person reacts tells so much about them. You can place two individuals into the exact same situation but will undoubtedly notice that they react to the circumstances completely differently. You might be looking for employees who are enthusiastic about change and who respond well when given constructive criticism. The DISC profile may be able to help you find those people so you can bring them onto the team.

After you've shuffled through applications and possibly done a few interviews, the next step of the process can involve having the potentials take the DISC test. This gives you greater insight into their personality so you can get a feel for how they would fit into the overall company culture you are striving to create. The test outlines how the person responds to challenges and how they feel about rules and procedures. This is all key information that should make it much easier for you to pinpoint the folks who have what it takes to get the job done.

Make Better Placements With The DISC Test

It's very possible to find an outstanding candidate while lacking the information needed to determine if they will do well in a particular position. For example, maybe you have a sales position open and an outstanding person interviews for the role. You are highly impressed and ready to make an offer. What you don't realize is the candidate would actually perform much better if you moved them over to the customer service side of the business!

The DISC test provides you with key data about personalities. You can then use this information to make the best placements.

Adding the DISC personality profile test to your hiring process could revolutionize the entire company. Implement the test today to hopefully achieve better results tomorrow. 

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