How an LED Expert Witness Can Help You Win Your Case

How an LED Expert Witness Can Help You Win Your Case

How an LED Expert Witness Can Help You Win Your Case

17 June 2021
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LEDs or light emitting diodes are extremely popular these days and are used in everything from television sets and computer monitors to the lighting for a variety of engineering and other processes. If an LED light you recently purchased malfunctioned or short-circuited in a way that caused a fire, an explosion, or any other unexpected behavior that led to serious consequences, you may be able to pursue a legal case. In order to make that case though, you might want to hire an LED expert witness.

Such a witness will understand the ins and outs of different types of LED lights and will be able to provide expert testimony as to why your LED malfunctioned. Such a witness may even be able to assist in other cases such as patent disputes. Here's some additional detail on how an expert witness can help you with different scenarios.

An LED Light Started a Fire and Caused Property Damage Due to a Faulty Build

Did your building or other property go up in flames and the fire marshall traced it back to an LED light? If the light malfunctioned due to a defect that was no fault of your own, you might be entitled to compensation for your property damage, especially if you can prove the LED manufacturer knew about the defect or was otherwise negligent during production. An LED expert will be able to explain to the judge or jury what typical quality control might look like and make it clear that the LED manufacturer did not do everything they should have.

Another Company's LED Light is Infringing on Your Company's Patent

Perhaps you make LED lights or use LED technology in a specific way that has allowed your company to obtain a patent. You must safeguard your patents if you want to maintain them, and that could include suing another company that is infringing on your patent. An LED expert will be able to look at the different patents or the different use cases between each company and provide testimony as to whether or not your patent has been infringed upon.

A Defective LED Light Caused Bodily Injury

In a worst-case scenario, perhaps your LED lighting started a fire or caused another dangerous event and instead of just causing property damage, it also caused bodily injury. You could hire an LED expert for your personal injury case in order to help you prove that the manufacturer shipped the product with a known defect or was otherwise negligent.

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